About Obsidian Essentials

Obsidian  (ob·​sid·​i·​an): a black, glass-like volcanic rock said to shield against negativity and draw out stress 

This journey began as a creative outlet, putting together succulent arrangements to cope with an ongoing battle with depression and anxiety. Since then, I have expanded into hand-making candles with bright and exciting smells to help bring happiness to others. What started as a personal coping mechanism quickly became a way to promote positivity in others' lives. If you're anything like me, things like plants, crystals, and certain scents bring a sense of comfort. My goal throughout this project has been to bring positivity and joy into your life by sharing something near and dear to my heart. I hope you find something that speaks to you and join me on this journey.

- Ally ♡

{Every one of my products is hand-made with love and intention | 100% nontoxic soy candles handmade in Los Angeles} 


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